Newsletter 6/02/2014

Dates To Remember – Term 1
Mon 10 Weekly Information Assembly
Fri 14 Full Assembly – After School Care Room
Mon 17 Weekly Information Assembly
Fri 21 Full Assembly – After School Care Room
Mon 17 Weekly Information Assembly
Fri 28 Full Assembly – After School Care Room
Mon 3 Weekly Information Assembly
Fri 7 Full Assembly – After School Care Room
Fri 14 Full Assembly – After School Care Room
Mon 17 Weekly Information Assembly
Fri 21 Full Assembly – After School Care Room
Sat 29 Fundraising – Masters BBQ
Last Updated: 6/02/2014

From the Principal
The teachers and children have started the year in a very positive and confident manner, which is great to see. We have completed interviewing for the music/support position and expect to make an appointment in readiness for the start of the new curriculum program I referred to in last week’s newsletter.

Heat & Hydration
As we have all experienced over the past weeks summer has been very hot with constant high temperatures. It is our policy if the weather conditions become extreme to not have the children out at play at lunch time. We also make sure the children keep their fluids up and keep hydrated.

School Council Elections
It’s that time of the year, where we call for nominations from both our staff and parents to be members of our 2014-15 school council. Attached to this newsletter are the forms calling for nominations. For those wanting more detailed information you can go to the DEECD website or alternatively you may wish to speak with our current school council members.
Ross Dudgeon – Principal

From the President
Welcome to all our new parents, families and students at Newlands. I’ve already met a lot of you and I know it’s going to be great to have you here. You’ll find that Newlands is a real little community where we take advantage of the benefits of being a small school. Across all age groups our children know and care about one another. If you’ve got little ones who aren’t quite old enough for Newlands yet, don’t be surprised if you find our Grade 5/6ers talking to them and playing with them. And you’ll soon get used to seeing Joy surrounded by babies and toddlers.
Our parents and families support one another too. And we support our school because the benefits of being a small, tight-knit school are only realised when we all contribute and choose to be part of the community.
There is a place for everyone here and a way that you can give back that fits into your comfort zone. You might want to be on all the committees and in the thick of it all. Or you might prefer to quietly drop off a cake to the office when we’re having a stall. Maybe you can sing and dance and are great on a microphone, or you might be better known for your excellent spread-sheeting skills. Here at Newlands, every single thing you do is not only appreciated but has a tangible effect on the quality our children’s experience.
Attached is a form outlining some of the different ways you can get involved. We’d love it if you could fill it out and return it to the office or email it to me. Over the coming weeks you will be contacted by someone from that group to give you more information or start talking to you about your ideas.
I’d also like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our School Councillors. There will be an election during this term to elect three new Councillors, but in the meantime these people will continue their service:

  • Me! I have two boys at the school, Isaac in Grade 4 and Lexi in Grade 1, as well as two-year old Rafael who is forever making himself at home in Ross and Joy’s offices. I have been on School Council since Isaac was in Prep and have been School Council President for the last two years.
  • Andy Higgins: Andy has two children at the school, Merri in Grade 4 and Banjo in Grade 2, as well as little Bronte. Andy has been on School Council since Merri was in Prep and was our President for the first two years of his term.
  • Kristalo Hrysicos: Kristalo is mum to Eleni in Grade 3 and Almas who isn’t quite a Newlands student yet. Kristalo has served two years on School Council and is also very active in the Parents & Friends Association.
  • Sonia Mussaweir: Sonia is mum to Tristan in Grade 1 and joined us on Council last year. She has done a lot of work on our policy development.
  • Phill Edwards: Phill is dad to Oscar and Adam, and also joined us on Council last year where he did some great work co-ordinating our working bees and taking all our minutes.
  • Sonya O’Brien: is one of our staff representatives on Council and is the Grade 3/4 teacher. Sonya brings a great depth of understanding of both the school and the teaching environment to Council.
  • Ross is also a standing member of School Council.

Please feel free to chat with us at any time about the school and Council matters – and especially feel free to pick our brains if you have some interest in running for Council yourself.

To all our returning families – welcome back. Holidays are always welcome, but it is still lovely to see our community come back together and watch all your smiling, happy children enter the school excited to see what this year will bring.
Melanie McGrath

Weekly Assemblies
This year we will be having two weekly assemblies. The first will be on a Monday starting at 8.50 am, and going for 10 minutes in the quadrangle area. This assembly is meant to be a weekly information session only. A second assembly will occur on Friday mornings after school has commenced, in the multipurpose room or another room in the old building. This assembly is where individual classes will present or perform to the whole school. This new arrangement will start next week; 3/02/2014.

Get your newsletter electronically
As well as being sent home in hardcopy, the newsletter is also available on the school website, or can be delivered direct to your inbox. To subscribe to the newsletter go to the website and enter your email address in the box on the right hand side of the page:

Veggie Garden Update
It was a long hot summer and the school gardens survived remarkably well. Nic, Marita and Adrian all managed to water the school gardens over the holidays, a big thank you to them! The vegetable garden looks a little worse for wear at the moment but it would have been impossible to keep it all alive with such extended heat waves and we decided that it would be best to start afresh in 2014. Do not despair, it will be thriving and productive again in no time!

Garden Group Meeting
If you are interested in joining the Newlands Primary School Garden Group we are meeting on Monday February 10th at 9.15am in the veggie garden for combined weeding/meeting. We will be creating a plan for the year to help maintain our existing gardens and hope to establish some new green spaces. If you can’t make it but would still like to join the group please send Mel Alexander an email.

Out of School Hours Care
Welcome back everyone, just a reminder to families that wish to use the after care service to re- book your days with Annie or Caitlyn so we can prepare sufficient snacks and activities. For new families that wish to use the after care service you can get an enrolment form from the office. Active after school care starts again soon, the two workshops we have chosen for this term are circus skills and tennis coaching. Feel free to contact me if you have any queries
After school care 9350 1214 or main office 9354 2928
Caitlyn Cappelletti

At Newlands there are a few ways to contribute to our fundraising. The first is by becoming a member of the fundraising committee, where you will help develop the annual fundraising plan and procedures, and make sure all our activities are ticking along on schedule.
Each activity has its own organising group, and another way to get involved is by joining one of these and helping organise a specific event.
And finally, many of our activities rely on having our community members lend their expertise (e.g. desktop publishing, writing, musical skills) or contribute their time and energy (e.g. making a cake or flipping sausages).

To get involved return the attached volunteer form to the office, keep an eye on the newsletter, or contact Melanie McGrath.

Family Fun Day
We are hoping to run a Family Fun Day and Market at the end of Term 1. We’ve done some early planning but could definitely use your ideas and enthusiasm. If you’re keen to help out pop along to our meeting on Monday directly after school – look out for Melanie (Isaac & Lexi’s mum), Kristalo (Eleni’s mum), Marita (Arlen & Keiva’s mum) or Kylie (Hamish, Amelia & Madeline’s mum) hanging around outside the office. Or email Melanie.

Masters BBQ
On Saturday 29 March the school is scheduled to run a fundraising BBQ at Masters in Preston. We’re starting to put together a roster for the day, so if you can spare an hour on the day please let the Fundraising Committee know.

It’s no mean feat to keep school gardens looking nice when the school’s closed and some major heat waves are thrown in! Thank you so much to Marita, Nic, Mel and Adrian who came in over the break to weed and water.
Thanks to the members of the Parents & Friends Association who put together the casual welcome morning tea on the first day.

Community Storytelling & Pot Luck Dinner
Join us in an evening of food and stories. Learn more about the history of Newlands and get to know others in the area at the same time.
Please bring food for sharing.
Hidden Creek Neighbourhood House
20 Murray Road, North Coburg
6 pm to 9 pm
(For more information ring: 9350 3437)

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