Newsletter 20/02/2014

Dates To Remember – Term 1
Fri 21 Full Assembly – After School Care Room
Mon 17 Weekly Information Assembly
Fri 28 Full Assembly – After School Care Room
Mon 3 Weekly Information Assembly
Tue 4 Art Excursion – Grades 3-6
Wed 5 Information Evening
Fri 7 Full Assembly – After School Care Room
Fri 14 Full Assembly – After School Care Room
Mon 17 Weekly Information Assembly
Fri 21 Full Assembly – After School Care Room
Mon 24 CPR Training
Sat 29 Fundraising – Masters BBQ
Tue 1 School photos / Parent-Teacher Meetings
Last Updated: 19/02/2014

From the Principal
School Council Elections
Election material can be obtained from the office.

P.E. program
I would just like to confirm that I will be running the P.E. program for Years 1 to 6 for 2014. In a past life I was a sports teacher. I have a number of years of experience with delivering a primary level program. As a teacher and principal I look forward to working with the children each and every Tuesday. I would ask that the children are at school on time and wearing the appropriate clothes; polo shirt, shorts, skirt or skort and runners.

Information Evening – Wednesday 5th of March
Whole school information session- 6:30-7:00 p.m.
Class information session – 7:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
The purpose of the evening is to provide you with an opportunity to meet your child’s teachers and become more familiar with the daily routines of your child whilst at school.
Areas to be covered will include –homework expectations, classroom blogs, inquiry based learning programs, school camp for middle and upper school as well as our differentiated English and Mathematics program.
Individual parent teacher interviews will be held during the last week of term.

Parent/Teacher Meetings – Tuesday 1st April
Parent-teacher meetings will operate on this day where teachers and parent can meet briefly to discuss their child’s progress and transition into their current class. This is only a brief meeting and there will be no written reports given at this meeting.

School Photos – Tuesday 1st April
Whole school photos have been booked for this date; please make sure it’s on your home calendar. Order forms will be sent out when we have received them.

CPR Training – Monday 24th March
The teachers will be updating their CPR training as required by DEECD. We will be offering some places to parents if they wish to take up the offer. There will be a cost, but it will only be a modest amount. Forms will go out in the next newsletter.

Extra-Curricular Learning Sessions
The following study outlines are the basis of our new program operating every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons; 2.00 – 3.30 pm.

Maddy McLean – Philosophy and History
Throughout the term children from Grade One to Three will be reading The Lorax and The Sneeches by classic children’s author Dr Seuss. They will be encouraged to think about and discuss as a group the message being delivered by the author. An emphasis will be placed on developing the ability to respect each other’s opinions although they may be different and at times disagree.
Grades Four to Six will be learning about the lives of significant historical figures. This will include philosophers, artists, and writers and how their ideas, inventions and writings have impacted our society to this day. Term One will begin by researching the lives and ideas of ancient Greek Philosophers including Aristotle, Socrates and Plato. Exploring history through stories, play, drama and art activities. This will be delivered using a mixture of iPad apps interactive websites and other traditional research tools.

Sonya O’Brien – Ancient Egypt
Students will analyse aspects of daily life in Ancient Egypt to identify how some have changed over recent time while others have remained the same. They will sequence events in order, using a range of terms related to time. They will pose questions about the past and use sources provided (physical, visual, oral) to answer these questions. They will compare objects from the past and present and develop a narrative about the past using a range of texts. We will be creating a history museum to share what we have learnt with parents and the wider community.

Graeme Woodward – Graphic Scores
The classes this term will be exploring graphic scores. Students develop an understanding of how an image can reflect ones emotion. Furthering upon this, students will then develop a sense how to reflect their emotion through music, using a range of musical instruments. Students will have the chance to work individually and as a part of an ensemble as they create their graphic score and perform live in front of their class. Musically students explore dynamics, texture, rhythm, tempo, and a range of musical timbres whilst learning a new method to interpret music.

Mulynda Blease – Dance & Drama
I will be implementing an exciting new Dance/Drama unit guided by the Australian Curriculum and the Victorian curriculum and assessment authority approaches to learning and teaching The Arts (Dimension: Creating and Making and Exploring and Responding). I will also be interweaving a range of curriculum areas into the program to allow connections to a range of subject areas. Students will create and present works in a range of performance styles that communicate experiences, ideas, concepts, observations and feelings. Students will also learn to use a range of feedback and self-evaluation tools to improve and refine theirs and others work. Key areas of exploration will be;
Rhythm: learning to count in and move in time with others to the beat.
Movement: exploring the movement of the body using a range of stimuli.Explore and represent ideas/themes/emotions through movement.
Cultural/history of dance: Looking at traditional dances associated with cultures around the world and exploring a range of dance styles through looking at the history of dance.
Planning, developing and performing dances in group settings.
Exploration of the dramatic elements and drama conventions. The exploration of the way body language, facial expression and voice are used together to create characterisation.
Responding to a stimulus, topics, ideas, characters, emotions, history.
Experimenting with props, costumes, stimulus materials (books, movies, music).
Plan, create and present performances for a range of audiences and purposes.
Improve and develop students public speaking skills.
Consistent peer interaction through peer and self-evaluation.

Laura Fisiak – Mindfulness
During Mindfulness sessions, students will learn to focus attention, improve their self-regulation skills, build resilience to stress, and develop a positive mind-set in both school and life. Throughout the year, students will learn about how the brain works, partake in meditation and yoga, share ideas during circle time and create artwork reflection their emotions. The AusVELS focus is ‘Interpersonal development’ in which students will be working towards developing skills towards building social relationships and working in teams.

Ross Dudgeon – Principal

From the President
You will have seen information from Ross indicating that elections for School Councillors are coming up soon. At this time a stalwart of our School Council will be standing down. On behalf of the whole school I’d like to extend our deepest thanks to Andy Higgins for his enormous contribution to the school as a Councillor for the last four years.
Andy was elected to Council just a few weeks after Merri started in Prep (she’s in Grade 4 now!) and immediately committed to the role of President. There was a lot of groundwork to be done at that time, with Ross less than a year into the job and our first big influx of preps for many years. Andy took us through those exciting and challenging days with endless grace and humour, and an incomparable degree of goodwill. Thank you so much, Andy, for everything you have done for the Newlands community over the last four years.
Not everyone can do what Andy has done, but we would be so grateful if everyone could find some small way to contribute to the life of the school. If you have not already done so, please consider filling out the attached volunteer form and returning it to the office so we can put you in contact with some people who share your interests.
Melanie McGrath – School Council President

Art Excursion
Students in grades 3-6 will be visiting the Melbourne Now exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria on Tuesday 4 March. They will be participating in a guided tour that will include a number of interactive art activities. Permission forms have been sent home and need to be returned with $13 for each student. The fee covers the cost of the tour.
Our bus costs – which usually amount to around $9 per student – have been covered by generous parent donations last year. You can download another permission form here.
On the day students will need to bring a snack, lunch and a drink.
Please contact me if you have any questions.
Bianca Vecchio – Art Teacher

Visual Arts blog
Don’t forget that you can check out what is going on in our visual arts program by visiting the blog.

Masters BBQ
Can you help flip some sausages on Saturday 29 March at Masters near Northland? We’re starting to put together a roster for the day, so if you can spare an hour or so please let Melanie know.

Parents & Friends Association
The Parents and Friends of Newlands Primary School will have their first meeting of the year on Wednesday February 26 at 7.15.
Please come along if you are interested in meeting other parents, want to hear about parent led activities in the school or would like to help out with fundraising.
We will be meeting in the multi purpose room at 7.15 and hope to be finished by 8.30.
Cheers Amy, Mel and Adam.

Garden Group
The garden group moved lots of bluestone on Monday morning to create the space for two new garden beds. Each class will now have their own bed so as the weather cools we will buy in some soil, prepare all the beds and plant them out with the kids. Thanks to Adrian, Ntennis, Mila, Nic, Jo and Marita for all your work. If you would like to be involved in the garden group email Mel.

Moreland Relay for Life 2014 is happening again. April 5th and 6th at City Oval Coburg.
By being part of Moreland Relay For Life 2014, you’re helping people from diagnosis and treatment, to recovery and beyond. In fact, thanks to awesome people like you, we can fund:
* Around 170 talented researchers and their cutting-edge projects, every year, to help detect, treat and beat cancer;
* Experienced cancer nurses who answer calls to our Helpline (13 11 20), giving people advice, information and support when they need it most;
* Important prevention programs like PapScreen Victoria, Quit and SunSmart to make sure people have all the information they need to cut their risk of cancer.
Want to join our relay? You can create a team, join an existing time or even help out during the day as an event day volunteer.
For more details contact Kylie Grey or check out our Facebook page  or and search for Moreland 2014.

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