Newsletter 2/04/2014

Dates To Remember – Term 1
Fri 4 TERM 1 – LAST DAY / Easter Raffle drawn
Wed 9 Woolworths BBQ
Thu 10 Woolworths BBQ
Fri 11 Woolworths BBQ
Dates To Remember – Term 2
Tue 22 Term 2 Begins
Wed 7 PFA Meeting
Last Updated: 31/03/2014


From the Principal
End of Term
This term has, as we always say, gone very quickly indeed. In fact this year all the terms are 10 weeks in duration. The start of the year was very smooth with the teachers and students settling in well to their new rooms and grade structure.
Our new teacher, Maddy has certainly fitted in well and has been doing some great things with the children in the music program, as well as part of the 3 -6 team teaching with Sonya and Graeme.
Rae has continued in her role as mother duck to the preps with great aplomb. The preps have certainly fitted into the school with great ease, a credit I believe to the buddy program, and the great job the grade 5/6s have done this term; thanks Rae and Graeme. The 1/2 area has been going great with both Mulynda and Laura working in the same space. A special thanks to Bianca this term, for her patience and goodwill in moving into Gemma’s old room while the art-room renovations were taking place.

Extra-Curricular Afternoons
Feedback from kids, parents and teachers on the three afternoon program has been very positive. It’s great to see and hear such positive feedback about what is happening in the classrooms and around the school. The program will continue next term but with an added twist; the preps will join the program, should be very interesting.

Next term we will be conducting the NAPLAN assessments; again. This is a national assessment in literacy and numeracy and therefore something we would encourage students to complete. While NAPLAN is important, it is only one small element of a very comprehensive assessment process conducted by our teachers at Newlands Primary School. As like last year we will be conducting the assessments in the same low key way so that students can feel comfortable and confident about their abilities.

Education Week
Education Week will also be happening in term two. We will be conducting tours on the Tuesday and Saturday of Education Week, so please pass the word around. Further information about these tours will be out early next term, please tell your friends who may be looking for a school in 2014. Remember if prospective parents wish to tour outside of this time they only have make contact at the school to arrange for a tour.

This week a message alert went out on Tiqbiz reminding parents that parent/teacher meetings were happening, as were school photos and that school finishes early on Friday. I would urge all parents to upload the app to their smartphone, tablet or pc so that we can easily send out messages. I have included with this newsletter instructions advising you how to upload this communication app to your smartphone or tablet.
The purpose of the app is to provide parents with update messages or reminders about events or activities that would be happening at the school or in your child’s classroom. It will have the capacity for you to read the newsletter, view the school website and receive notices from the teacher or the school from any Android or Apple device; including PC. This is a group, one-way messaging application. This means teachers or the school cannot contact individual families using this software. It also does not permit return contact it operates as a message delivery service. We believe this to be a great way of maximising our ability to communicate with the school community, from the classroom or the whole school.

Online Booking
This year we introduced our online booking process for parent/teacher meetings. The feedback from every-body was very positive. We will continue to use this method for future meetings in conjunction with alerts sent out via Tiqbiz.

Art-room Renovations
Next term Bianca will be moving back into a renovated art-room with new flooring, freshly painted walls and heating! We will continue to upgrade ‘Block C’ as funds become available.

Term Two
What’s ahead for term two; Education Week, Cross-country, CPR Training, NAPLAN and End of semester student reports. Of course we will continue to provide great literacy and numeracy programs along with the inquiry ‘Big Question’ for term two.

Impetigo – (school sores)
Over the last couple of weeks we have had some children with impetigo. I have included with this newsletter a fact sheet about Impetigo.

From all the staff we wish the school community a great Easter Holiday to enjoy with family and friends.
Ross Dudgeon – Principal

From the President
Last week the newly elected 2014/2015 School Council met for the first time. It was a great meeting with a lot of enthusiasm for the year ahead, and a lot of information shared.
The main order of business was to elect officebearers and appoint committee convenors.

President – Melanie McGrath
Vice-President – Kristalo Hyrisicos
Secretary – Phill Edwards
Treasurer – Adam Palmer
Committee convenors
Teaching & Learning committee – Sonya O’Brien & Mulynda Blease
Maintenance Committee – Phill Edwards & Mel Alexander
Policy Committee – Sonia Mussawir
Out of School Hours Care Committee – Adam Palmer

You can contact School Council – or any of the individual Councillors – by leaving a letter in our pigeon hole in the office, directly by email, or, of course, just by having a chat around the school or the community.
To find out more about School Council, how it works, and what kinds of things we discuss and decisions we make, check out the department website. It has lots of interesting links and guides.
Or please feel free to contact me any time.
Melanie McGrath

Coburg District Primary School Cross Country Championships 2014
Your child may have expressed an interest in representing Newlands Primary School in the annual Coburg District Primary Schools’ Sports Association Cross Country Championships, which will be held at Jackson Reserve, (Coburg Athletics Track) on Wednesday May 7th.
It is extremely important that students prepare themselves for this event. We will be conducting some training sessions at school but we recommend students practice running during the holidays and in the weeks leading up to the event. Students should be running at least 3 times a week (2 sessions at school and at least 1 at home).
The event is conducted on the Cross Country Track which is located along Edgar’s creek behind the Athletics Track. As many students live close by, it is worthwhile practicing on this course or other running tracks in the area such as Coburg Lake, Edwards Lake or Merri Creek Path. The Cross Country course is 2 km for Under 11s and 3km for Under 12s.
Bianca Vecchio

Ride to School Day
Last Friday our school celebrated Ride 2 School day by having almost every student coming to school by bike, skateboard, or walking. Thanks to every-one especially the parents.

Easter Raffle
Tickets & money due on THURSDAY!
Please return your raffle tickets and money to the office tomorrow if you have not done so already.
The raffle will be drawn at the Friday morning assembly on the last day of term.

Woolworths BBQ – Wed 9 to Fri 11 April
The new Coburg Hill Woolworths have asked our school to run a BBQ outside the shop during their three-day opening celebrations and they’re really making it worth our while – they will be providing all the materials so every single dollar we earn is profit free and clear. Can you:

  • Help out any time between 9am and 4pm on those three days – let me know if childcare would help
  • Take care of some children at your home on those days so other parents can serve on the BBQ
  • See if grandparents or other family members or friends would be willing to help the school out during those times.

Email me, leave a note in my pigeonhole at the office, or look out for the sign up sheet on the noticeboard.
Melanie McGrath

Fundraising Meeting
The next meeting of the Fundraising Committee will be held early in term 2. Please let me know if you’d like to come along, or look for the notice in the next newsletter.
Melanie McGrath

Parents & Friends Association
The PFA would like to thank everyone who attended the AGM last week. We elected new office bearers for 2014. Congratulations to both Alex, our new secretary, and Dave, our new treasurer, who will be joining me as office bearers this year. It’s great to see parents who are new to the school getting involved in the PFA and it’s always good to see some Dads are the PFA. Thank you also to Amy and Mel, our outgoing officebearers, who did a great job of building the PFA last year.

Our next meeting will be on May 7, so come along and help us make our great school even better.

If you have any questions about the PFA you can find me in the aftercare room some evenings, behind a BBQ, or you can email me.
Adam Palmer – Chairperson

Policy Committee
The policy committee assists the school community through the review, consultation and communication of school policies.
We need your help to ensure the school has policies that represent the way our school runs and are easy to access.
If you are interested in finding out more, please contact me.
Sonia Mussawir

Out of School Hours Care Committee
Hi, if you have any questions or suggestions about the aftercare program please feel free to drop me a message.
Adam Palmer

We have had a wonderful first term at After School Care this year. The kids have had a ball learning to hand sew and have created some adorable soft teddies. Next term we will continue our Active After School Care workshops. We have selected Yoga/Martial Arts on Wednesday and AFL/Cricket on Thursday.
Please make sure you settle your account by Friday the 4th of April, If there are any issues please speak to me.
On the last day of term we finish at 1:30pm If you require the After School Care service please let me know. Our capacity is 30 children and filling fast.

It’s not even the end of Term 1 and already there has been so much going on in the Newlands PS community.

The elephant poo came and went – a truly unique and very effective fundraiser. Thank you so much to Isobel and Louise for hooking us up with the elephant (well, the zookeeper), and to Marita, Mel Alexander, Jackie, Jo S., and Jane for helping distribute it to the neighbourhood’s eager gardeners. Keep an eye out for more elephant poo opportunities later in the year.

The Easter Raffle is currently underway. Thank you to everyone who donated. Special thanks to Mim (Ruby & Kai’s mum) for the beautifully, expert packaging of our prize hampers.

The Masters BBQ was a big success, if only because the BBQ didn’t catch fire like last year (through no fault of Newlands parents, it should be added!). Massive thanks must go to Dave (Ash & Zane’s dad) who stepped up to co-ordinate this BBQ even though he couldn’t be there on the day. He’s the guy you want on your team in a tight spot, I can tell you. He was ably assisted by his most excellent partner, Lisa, and by Adam.
Thanks also to all those people who put their hands up when we need a bit of time or effort. To everyone who lent eskies or chopped onions the night before – Tash, Marita, Robert, Nic, Mim, and Amy. And to everyone who flipped sausages on the day – Adam, Caren, Susie, Mila & Tony, Kylie, Daniel & Alex, Fiona & Leon, Kristalo, Marita & Robert.

And the moral of today’s thank you story? Whatever your skills or connections are – exotic manure, retail trade skills, vegetable chopping, or even if you just have a jolly big esky – whatever you can offer, we welcome and can use to make Newlands even better for our kids.

Thank you!

In its third year Moreland Relay for Life is on this weekend from 4pm Saturday (5th April) and going all night until Sunday morning at 10am.
Relay For Life is a life-changing event that helps communities celebrate the lives of people who have battled cancer, remember loved ones lost, and fight back against the disease.
Come on down to Coburg City Oval, Harding St, Coburg. Register on the day for $20 and help raise awareness and vital funds for the Cancer Council Victoria, research and services. With face painting, kids crafts, music and the midnight madness that is Miss Moreland there is entertainment galore so come and experience Moreland Relay for Life’s atmosphere first hand.
Hope to see you there
Kylie Grey (Hamish, Amelia and Madeleine’s mum)

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