Newsletter 23/04/2014

Dates To Remember – Term 2
Tue 22 Term 2 Begins / Year 7 Transition forms sent home
Fri 25 ANZAC Day Public Holiday
Tue 29 Incursion – Darebin Crossing Ed F & 1’s
Mon 5 School Council
Wed 7 PFA Meeting
Sun 11 Mothers’ Day
Mon 12 CPR Training
Tue 13 NAPLAN Begins
Thu 15 NAPLAN Finishes / Koorie flag ceremony
Sun 18 Newlands Primary School Fete / Education Week Starts
Tue 20 Education Week Tour / Cross-country District event 3-6
Fri 23 Year 7 transition forms returned
Sat 24 Education Week Tour
Wed 4 Excursion F-2 Royal Bot. Gardens
Fri 6 Parent/Teacher Booking Times open
Mon 9 Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday
Mon 16 School Council
Thu 19 Parent/Teacher Booking Times close
Fri 20 Student reports sent home
Tue 24 Parent/Teacher Meetings
Last Updated: 23/04/2014

From the Principal
Welcome back to everyone. I hope your time with family and friends over the holiday time was an especially enjoyable one. I can report that several staff members spent their time in warmer climates. One of special note would be head of house Joy; who spent her time in Hawaii! Joy has been kind enough to share her special time in Hawaii by having Hawaiian music blasting out as a welcome at the beginning of the day……..ah such a wonderful sharer is our Joy!
I must say it was fantastic to spend some of my holiday time at Woolworth’s grand opening and on behalf of the school receive a cheque for $6000, and then within minutes cooking snags as part of the fundraiser; Ah the many and diverse roles of a principal! Seriously though special thanks to Jack the manager of Coburg Woolworths and Woolworths company for supporting our goal to re-develop the playground area.

Key Dates
As can be seen from the above list of key dates for this term it is a very comprehensive and busy time for both teachers and parents. We ask that you make sure you place these dates on your calendar at home.

Tiqbiz – These dates & events have also been uploaded to the Tiqbiz app. For those who haven’t downloaded the app to your phone/tablet or PC I would urge you to do so.

This term we will be conducting the NAPLAN assessments; again. This is a national assessment in literacy and numeracy and therefore something we would encourage students to complete. While NAPLAN is important, it is only one small element of a very comprehensive assessment process conducted by our teachers at Newlands Primary School. As like last year we will be conducting the assessments in the same low key way so that students can feel comfortable and confident about their abilities.

Education Week
Education Week will also be happening this term. We will be conducting tours on the Tuesday and Saturday of Education Week, so please pass the word around. Further information about these tours will be out early next term, please tell your friends who may be looking for a school in 2014. Remember if prospective parents wish to tour outside of this time they only have to make contact at the school to arrange a tour.
Ross Dudgeon Principal

Woolworths BBQ – Wow!
It seems like there’s no challenge the Newlands families and staff can’t rise to. Run a three day BBQ during the week in the middle of the school holidays? No problem. Throw on an extra fourth day at the last minute? No problem.
Thanks to their efforts – and to the great generosity of Woolworths Coburg Hill – we raised $1500 for the school.
Great job everyone
Melanie McGrath

Newlands Primary School Fete
Sunday 18th May 11-3pm
Tell your friends and families!
Lend a hand or come and enjoy – or do both!

If you’d like to help out with the fete there will be a meeting next week on Monday the 28th after drop off and assembly. We will be meeting at the Elizabeth Café. Pass the word around!
Tash, Vanessa, & Mim

Parents & Friends Association
Our next meeting will be on May 7, so come along and help us make our great school even better. If you have any questions about the PFA you can find me in the aftercare room some evenings, behind a BBQ, or you can email me.
Adam Palmer – Chairperson

Policy Committee
The policy committee assists the school community through the review, consultation and communication of school policies.
We need your help to ensure the school has policies that represent the way our school runs and are easy to access.
If you are interested in finding out more, please contact me.
Sonia Mussawir

Out of School Hours Care Committee
Hi, if you have any questions or suggestions about the aftercare program please feel free to drop me a message.
Adam Palmer

Thank you to everyone who gave their time on the school holidays to support the never-ending Woolworths BBQ!
Thanks to those on the stall: Jane McCracken, Mila, Helen, Karen and her mum, Susie, Robert, Neil & Sue, Kristalo, Kylie, Craig & Jo, Mark, Nic, Annice, Mandy, Mick & Adam. A special thanks to the staff, who gave up their leave to help out – Ross and his lovely daughter Laura who worked on Wednesday and on Saturday; Rae, Connie, and Sonya.

Thanks to those who minded children: Tash, Fiona and Kirsty.

And thanks to those who helped with the preparation: Tash, Adam, Marita, Kristalo, Sonya, and the lovely Robert who cut up kilos of onions four nights in a row, and helped set up and pack down nearly every day.

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