Newsletter 27/06/2014

Dates To Remember – Term 3
Mon 14 First day Term 3
Mon 21 Swimming F – 6, lesson 1
Wed 23 Pet Ownership Incursion F – 2
Mon 28 Swimming F – 6, lesson 2
Thu 31 Incursion – Ned Show F – 6
Mon 4 School Council / Swimming F – 6, lesson 3
Mon 11 Swimming F – 6, lesson 4
Mon 18 Swimming F – 6, lesson 5
Mon 25 Swimming F – 6, FINAL lesson
Fri 5 Athletics Day 3 – 6
Fri 12 Athletics back-up Day 3 – 6
Mon 15 School Council
Thu 18 School concert – Preston Town Hall
Last Updated: 27/06/2014

From the Principal
End of Term Two
This being the last newsletter for term two I would like to reflect on the term’s achievements on a number of levels; students, teachers, support staff and parents.
As we are very aware Newlands is a small school of 100 students only 9 kilometres from the city centre. Now being so small and so close to the city could be seen as a disadvantage, given we are surrounded by much larger primary schools that are resourced at a high much higher level. Newlands is a great little school and while student numbers are important, the school is providing programmes equal to and some cases at greater level than would be expected given its size and level of resources.
We are not too small and we are not getting smaller we are in fact growing and increasing in student numbers and this term I have conducted a number of tours of our school for 2015.
This year I have been working with all children from Year One to Year Six as the P.E. teacher. Initially this was to minimise any impact on our budget position, however the time I have spent with the students has confirmed my belief that the students at Newlands are engaged in their learning and enjoy coming to school. Why? Because school is a safe environment and a place where you can learn as well as have fun.
During my time as principal we have never handed out weekly awards ‘Pupil of the Week’ to students. Why? Because our students always show a desire to learn, to work cooperatively with each other and their teachers. This not to say we don’t acknowledge special achievement, we do and have done so many times at our weekly assemblies.
To achieve this level of engagement something must be happening at the school. I believe what’s happening is good teaching by teachers who understand the needs of individual students. They are also creative and have this semester delivered curriculum creatively and with depth.
This semester saw all teachers (except myself) conceptualise, develop and implement the ‘Extra-curricular Activity’ this semester. This has been well received by all students and parents; the feedback has been very positive.
The involvement, engagement – call it what you will – has been very noticeable. The energy out there to support the school’s direction has been evident from the work of the PFA, School council, and all the chiefs and foot soldiers who have been there to improve grounds, support the fundraising events, help the teachers, and be parents to our great students.
In summing up, we have a great school here in Newlands, and I expect that together over the coming terms and years we will see a vibrant school develop into one that will continue to be vibrant but just a little bit bigger.
So thank-you all and if possible enjoy the two week holiday break.; as we know the teachers may be on holiday, but they are always making mental checks on how they can better deliver or improve their programmes.
Thank-you and see you next term.
Ross Dudgeon – Principal

From the President
Well, the year is half done. It’s always hard to believe, but for the new families we welcomed to the school this year it must be even more so. It has been wonderful to see all your little people skip in and out of school, come up and say hello, and slowly but surely make Newlands Primary School their own. Thank you to you also, for making this community your own. So many of our new parents have made an extraordinary contribution to the life of the school in terms one and two. I know your support has been a boon to the Garden Group, many of you took the lead on activities in the fete, and others have offered their own special skills to benefit the school.
And to all our ‘old’ families – your steadfast support and contribution to the school has given us such a wonderful and – as Ross said – vibrant community to build on. You can’t follow a checklist to create a community in a school. It can’t be created with money, or new books, or policies. A sense of community at a school is created by people who want to get to know one another, who want to be part of what is going on, and who want to see others’ ideas flourish as much as their own.
I can’t tell you how many times I have been on tours with Ross, been talking to strangers at a fundraising event, or brought my own friends into the school and heard them say “this place has a special feeling to it”.
Well, that’s partly because Newlands kids are great kids. And it’s partly because Newlands staff are great staff. And it’s because Newlands folk are great folk.
Have a great holiday everyone, and see you in term 3.
Melanie McGrath

Newlands Primary Permablitz

The plans for our very first Permablitz are coming together beautifully and we hope that lots of the school community will be able to come along.
The day will not be all work, in amongst planting the orchard, mulching and creating a sandpit there will be fruit tree planting workshops.
We will have a number of volunteers from a Permaculture Design Course attending to help out with planting and creating, and we hope to get a lot done!
The kids will be busy most of the day; they will be making us lunch in the morning (with Megan) and building cubbies in the afternoon.
If you can make it (if only for an hour or two) please bring gloves and wear protective footwear and clothing. It would be great if you could also bring a wheelbarrow, shovel and/or secateurs (please label your tools beforehand).
The Permablitz begins at 10.30 on Sunday morning and will finish up around 4.00, if you can’t stay for the whole day we’d still love to see you there!
From The Garden Group

Attached is the information and permission notice for your child to attend this important aspect of our school curriculum. We would highly recommend that your child attend this program.

Thank you to those parents who have signed up to the messaging service that is Tiqbiz. For those parents who have not done so we ask that you do so for the following reasons:
It is a very efficient way for the teachers to engage and inform parents in their class about events in their class.
It is a way for the OOSHC co-ordinator to communicate directly with parents using the program.
It is a way for the office to send out messages and reminders to all parents.
And mostly importantly we can use it as a way of directly communicating with all parents in case of an emergency.
Tiqbiz can be uploaded to any smartphone, tablet or pc.

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