Newsletter 10/09/2014

Dates To Remember – Term 3
Mon 15 School Council
Thu 18 School Concert – Preston Town Hall
Dates to Remember – Term 4
Mon 6 First day of term 4
Wed 15 3 – 6 Camp departure
Fri 17 3 – 6 Camp return
Sat 18 Bunnings Fundraising BBQ
Tue 4 Melbourne Cup Day Holiday
Thu 6 Orientation-Foundation (Prep) 10-11am
Thu 13 Orientation-Foundation 2-3.15pm
Thu 20 Orientation-Foundation 10-12pm / 2015 Foundation parent evening 6.30-7.30pm
Fri 21 Newlands Comedy Gala
Sat 28 State Election Fundraising
Thu 4 Foundation family picnic 5.30-7pm
Tue 9 2015 Secondary Transition Day
Fri 19 Last Day Term 4, 2014
Last Updated: 10/09/2014

From the Principal
What a fantastic effort from our students this year. While I was unable to attend athletics day, the feedback about the day was great. Congratulations to all the participants and also to Lila and Ornette who will be going onto Zone next term. Events like these don’t just happen so I thank Sonya, Graeme, Maddy and all teachers who supported our students’ involvement on the day.

Book Parade Books
Just an update on the books ordered at the book parade. We are now just waiting on the shipment to arrive at school so we can process them and put them into the library next term.

The individual student NAPLAN reports have arrived at school and will be going home by the end of this week. At this stage I can report that our students did very well over all. A much more detailed report will be reported to the school community when the national results are made available in term four.

I spent two days attending a conference at Queeenscliff. The theme of the conference was ‘Leaders of Learning Communities – Focusing on what matters most’ – essence, the core business of schools and both how and who supports student learning. While the content was interesting and relevant there was one glaring fact that was brought to our attention, and that was a child’s exposure to words up to the age of five though listening to others, being read to, looking at books and conversation. The numbers of words is 43 million! Based on this information we cannot underestimate the power and depth of the role home and pre-school nurturing plays in setting up our students for success at school.

2015 Prep Enrolments
We are now coming to the end of term three, which means confirming our enrolments for 2015. We would appreciate it if you could inform me if you are intending to re-locate in 2015 so I can make the relevant adjustments around teacher employment for 2015. For those intending to enrol in prep for 2015 there are still places available. Please contact the office if you haven’t already submitted your child’s enrolment details.

Spanish Bilingual Language Update
Early next term I will be advertising for a Spanish teacher to join our teaching team in 2015. The process takes 4 to 6 week, so I will not be making any announcement until much later in the term. I have visited several schools with bilingual programs over the past weeks. What I have seen and discussed with these other schools confirms that we are most definitely on the right track for the long term.
Ross Dudgeon – Principal

School Concert
The school concert is less than two weeks away! If you haven’t purchased tickets yet please do so this week, we only have another 100 seats to offer.
Thank you to all the parents who have offered to help with hair and make up on the night of the concert. I will be putting a list up outside the music room, please write your names on the job list you have volunteered to help with. We still require parents to assist with the following jobs:

  • We will be running a concert cake stall this year so we will require parents to donate baked goods (cakes, cookies, muffins etc) and a handful of parents to run the stall for us.
  • The cake stall will run half an hour before the concert (5.50 – 6.20pm) and for half an hour at the end of the evening.
  • Please leave all baked goods at the office on the day of the concert or drop them off at the hall in the evening.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on the night of the 18th!
Maddy McLean

Portsea Camp
Camp is during second week of term 4. All permission notes and camp information has been given to all students attending.
Please ensure that all permission notes and final payments are sent to school before the end of term 3.
Please contact Sonya if you have any questions related to camp.

Athletics Sports
On Friday 5th September 25 students represented Newlands Primary School at the Coburg and district athletic sports at the Coburg athletics track. We are proud of every student who represented our school.
All students enjoyed the day and tried their hardest in the events they were in. A big thank you; to all the parents, who came to the track and supported our students. Lila and Ornette have qualified for the Zone Athletic sports which will be held in week 2 of term 4.
Lila won the 10 year old girls 100m final and Ornette came 2nd in the boys 100m final.
Sonya O’Brien


Premiers’ Reading Challenge
Did your child register for the Premiers’ Reading Challenge? It concludes on Friday 12th September.
Please ensure that your child’s account has the required number of books registered if you want them to receive a certificate.
Please contact Sonya if you have misplaced login details for your child.


Bunnings BBQ – Saturday 18 October
Thanks to everyone who has already volunteered to help out with the Bunnings BBQ on Saturday 18 October. We just have a few spots left to fill, so if you have any time between 9am and 4pm that day please note it down on the roster in the office or send a message through to Adam Palmer.

Monster Auction
Items are needed for the annual NPS Monster auction. If you have: any new items of value you don’t want (impulse buys, unwanted gifts etc); your own business from which you can offer a donation or a service; contacts with anyone else eg. relatives, friends, kids activity providers, your favourite shops, workmates, bosses who can donate something, SCROUNGE IT ALL UP and take it to the box in the office marked “monster auction” or talk to Susie. Also needed are people to chase up our friendly regular donors. The more we have to auction, the more $$$$$$ for NPS!

Chocolate Drive – Term 4
Chocolates will be sent home early in Term 4 for you to sell to family, friends & colleagues (or just eat them all and give Joy the cash like I do!).
Melanie McGrath

Aussie Farmers Direct
Are you a customer of Aussie Farmers Direct, or thinking of becoming a customer? Newlands Primary School can earn 2% of your annual grocery spend with Aussie Farmers Direct. Just link your account to our fundraising account at this website (which will also answer any other questions you have). And ask your family and friends to do the same!

April Underhill Toothfairy
Vanessa Chapple  (Ornette and Reuben’s mum) has been directing a magical theatre Show for Kids 3- 8 years. The preps and 1/2 ‘s read the book and sang songs with Vanessa in Book Week.
April Underhill Toothfairy – based upon the award winning book by Bob Graham.
Come along first week of school holidays ONLY
Sept 20 – 28th 11am and 2pm $15
La Mama Theatre, Faraday st. Carlton
Bookings: La Mama 9347 6142

April eflier

Coburg Carnivale: Bringing music and art to the streets!
Join us from Tuesday 30 September – Saturday 4 October to participate in the fun.
Coburg’s annual arts festival features a range of free performances, music, public art and workshops that has something for everyone.
Bring your friends and family to this FREE community festival, which is sure to excite and delight. Come and join in the fun!
Venue Victoria Mall – Cnr Victoria St and Sydney Rd, Coburg
Coburg Library – Cnr Victoria St and Louisa St, Coburg
Dates Tue 30 Sep to Fri 3 Oct, 11.30am – 1pm
Sat 4 Oct, 11am – 3pm
Transport Tram 19, Stop 33
For further information, please visit

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