Newsletter 9/10/2014

Dates to Remember – Term 4
Mon 13 School Council
Wed 15 3 – 6 Camp departure
Fri 17 3 – 6 Camp return
Sat 18 Bunnings Fundraising BBQ
Tue 4 Melbourne Cup Day Holiday
Thu 6 Orientation-Foundation (Prep) 10-11am
Thu 13 Orientation-Foundation 2-3.15pm
Thu 20 Orientation-Foundation 10-12pm / 2015 Foundation parent evening 6.30-7.30pm
Fri 21 Newlands Comedy Gala
Sat 28 State Election Fundraising
Thu 4 Foundation family picnic 5.30-7pm
Tue 9 2015 Secondary Transition Day
Fri 19 Last Day Term 4, 2014
Last Updated: 9/10/2014

From the Principal
Welcome Back
Welcome back everyone! I hope we all enjoyed the break, and for those Hawk supporters great game. As for the Swannies………eh that’s what happens when you’re the AFL ‘glitzy team of celebrities’!
Now let’s remind ourselves we are into the last quarter to use a footy analogy and we are kicking with the wind! Again there’s plenty on for parents and the kids; please refer to the calendar for this term.
As a sunsmart school all children and staff must wear a hat during recess and lunch breaks. The hat must conform and not be a baseball type hat. The hat must afford the wearer the appropriate amount of shade from the sun. Any child who is not wearing a hat will be directed to a shady spot for the duration of the recess or lunch break. Reminder we will not providing hats for loan for children who have forgotten their own hat.
New Families
We have started this term we several new families whose children are in grades 1, 3 and 6; so if you do see them around the school do please make them welcome.
Families No Longer at NPS
Sadly while we have received some new families unfortunately we have also lost several from our grade 5/6 group. The reason for them not returning was that all families have shifted out of the area; we wish them well in their new schools.
Parent Survey Results
The parent survey results were released this week, and the results are very pleasing, very pleasing indeed. There was improvement within a significant number of areas of the survey over our 2013 survey results. The main areas: School Climate, Student Behaviour and Student Engagement were all above State mean, which a fantastic effort. What it means in school terms is that overall parent satisfaction with the teachers and the programs is very positive. As a principal it is very gratifying to read these results, because our teachers work extremely hard with few resources to provide a positive learning environment, so thank-you on their behalf.
While we are on the subject of data results I would like to make mention that our results for 2014 were very positive. When compared to 2013 results they show that our students are continuously improving and our teachers all our teachers from Prep to Year 6 are an intrinsic part of each child’s development.
Ipad program for 2015
For those parents with children in Foundation Year (prep) we will be sending home information about how you can access an ipad to support your child’s learning for 2015.
Spanish Update
This term we will be advertising for a teacher of Spanish to commence the 2015 school year. This is very exciting for Newlands because we will in 2015 providing a much broader learning program for all children at Newlands.
School Review
As part of the review process it is a requirement that parents are invited to meet with the reviewer and discuss the school’s performance in relation to the School Strategic Plan – which can be accessed on the school’s website. We have organised two meeting sessions for next Thursday 16th October; these sessions will run for 45 minutes for each session. The first session will be for parents of students in Foundation and Years 1 & 2; this will start at 9.00am. The second session will be for parents of students in Years 3 to 6 and this session will commence at 2.30pm on the same day. If wish to attend either session please complete the RSVP attached to this newsletter.
School Concert
I have to make mention of the fabulous school concert. It was a great night it had it all; humour, song, dance and moments of anxiety and pathos; especially when I think of that old dance troupe taking up space on stage doing thriller-what a hoot not a dry eye in the house. So to Maddy, Graeme and Mulynda a great team effort – can’t wait for 2016! Get ready for 2015’s Art Show Spectacular.
Ross Dudgeon – Principal

From the President
At our September meeting, School Council discussed the Victorian Government’s decision to cut the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) from 2015. The EMA is currently paid to low-income families to help them meet school costs such as uniforms, excursions, camps, and IT equipment.
From 2015, this will no longer be available to support individual students and families. The Victorian Government has announced that the EMA will be paid directly to schools as equity funding. Whilst this might sound OK, there are significant issues with this move:

  • The Government has made no commitments about how this funding will be redirected to schools – we don’t know whether there will actually be in extra funding; if so, how much there will be; when schools will get it; whether it will need to be spent on specific things etc.
  • If there is extra funding and it is given to schools as part of the existing equity funding formula, many schools and students may miss out. At Newlands, for example, our equity funding has dropped to almost nothing in the last four years due to the demographic shift in our school community. If the EMA is redirected under the existing equity funding formula, Newlands is unlikely to receive any of it. Yet, as we know, our school as a whole is quite under-resourced, and many of our families are on low incomes.

The Education Equity Coalition is calling on the Government to commit to targeted assistance for the families who need it – to ensure all children can participate fully in the range of educational opportunities available to them, regardless of their financial situation. The Newlands Primary School Council supports this call and we encourage you to visit the Cover the Costs website to find out more about the changes.
Melanie McGrath – School Council President

Bunnings BBQ – Saturday 18 October
We need more volunteers!
Thanks to everyone who has already volunteered to help out with the Bunnings BBQ on Saturday 18 October. We just have a few spots left to fill, so if you have any time between 9am and 4pm that day please note it down on the roster in the office or send a message through to Adam Palmer or Marita Wallace.

Chocolate Drive – Term 4
Chocolates will be sent home at the beginning of next weekfor you to sell to family, friends & colleagues (or just eat them all and give Joy the cash like I do!).
Melanie McGrath

Monster Auction News
This year’s monster auction is shaping up splendidly with something for everyone to bid on. The biggest donation we have received so far, thanks to Nelly, is a 30 minute comedy performance by left wing legend Rod Quantock and this is where we need your help. This performance would usually be worth $4000-5000 at a corporate rate. We are willing to start the bidding on this at a very reasonable $1500 and are looking for organisations or individuals that might be interested in bidding. It would suit any left wing or community minded organisation such as a union, welfare, education, health, public service, multicultural or environmental group. They could use it for a Christmas function, conference, anniversary or other celebration. Rack your brains!!! Who do you know who might be interested in this performance??? Please contact Susie if you have any leads. It is also not too late to donate an item or service to the monster auction. Talk to Susie or drop it at the office.
Susie Latham

Aussie Farmers Direct
Are you a customer of Aussie Farmers Direct, or thinking of becoming a customer? Newlands Primary School can earn 2% of your annual grocery spend with Aussie Farmers Direct. Just link your account to our fundraising account at this website (which will also answer any other questions you have). And ask your family and friends to do the same!

Garden Group
Thanks to all the people who came to the Garden Group working bee during the holidays. We did lots of weeding and lots of planting so the whole school should be looking more colourful over the coming months. Special thanks to Lou (Eliza’s mum), who propagated lots of plants for the school.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our wonderful, awesome, amazing School Concert! Maddy McLean, our music teacher, put together a truly exciting and entertaining show. The kids loved practising and performing their acts, and the audience were talking about it for days! Thank you, Maddy, it was a huge effort and you produced something really special.
Thank you also to all the staff who supported Maddy and got the students ready to perform. The way you all pull together and contribute to everything going on the in the school is one of the things that makes Newlands so special. And particular thanks to Graeme for his help and musical accompaniment.
Finally, thank you to the parents and family members who always pitch in to these things. I want to take a moment to specifically acknowledge the contribution of Kylie Grey, to the concert and many other things at the school. Kylie is one of those people who no school community can do without. No matter what project is going on at school Kylie is always there behind the scenes willing to lend a hand. Whether it’s the cake stall at the concert, the planning for the Comedy night, or taking a turn on the BBQ Kylie is reliable and committed and always there. Thanks, Kylie!

Newlands PS and I Am Moreland copy

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