Newsletter 19/02/2015

Dates To Remember – Term 1
Wed 25 Preps do not attend school
The 26 PFA Meeting
Fri 27 Full Assembly / Garden Group Dinner
Mon 2 Weekly Information Assembly Wed 4 Preps attend school
Fri 6 Full Assembly
Fri 13 Full Assembly / Spanish celebration
Mon 16 Weekly Information Assembly
Fri 20 Full Assembly
Mon 23 Weekly Information Assembly
Fri 27 TERM 1 – LAST DAY
Last Updated: 19/02/2015

Class Performances – Terms 1 & 2
Fri 6/3 Year 3/4
Fri 13/3 Year 5/6
Fri 20/3 Year Foundation
Fri 24/4 Year 3/4
Fri 15/5 Year 1/2
Fri 29/5 Year 5/6
Fri 12/6 Year 3/4
Fri 19/6 Foundation
Last Updated: 19/02/2015

From the Principal
I hope everyone is enjoying our theme music these bright and chirpy mornings. I have observed both parents and kids skipping into class to the mariachi beat, what a great way to start the day. Feedback from Angela and Akash has been very positive. According to them the children are very positive to learning Spanish.
To celebrate the introduction of Spanish we have organized a family night on the 13/03/2015 – the details are on our wonderful flyer attached to this newsletter; thanks Sarah for the great art work.
School Election
We have four candidates running for the three parent positions for the 2015 school council election. An information flyer about the four candidates is attached to this newsletter. Ballots to vote will be sent out to families by post. Instructions about the ballot will be included in the post also.
Little Learners
Our ‘little learners program’ kicked off on Monday with Bianca. The feedback was very positive parents and children really enjoyed the opportunity to come together – well done Bianca. This program will run every Monday, so spread the word.
To those parents who have returned their form regarding the leasing of an ipad we will be ordering the ipads this week. If any-one else wishes to lease an ipad please come to the office before Friday 20/02/2015.
Assembly Performance
This year we have re-introduced the Friday assembly performance by classes. The timetable as to when a class will perform is included in this newsletter.
Aftercare Relocation
Our Aftercare program has been relocated out of our multi-purpose room the ‘white room’ in the same building. The space looks great nice and bright with lots of light. This year Richelle has taken on the role of program co-ordinator, so please direct your enquiries or concerns to Richelle.
Art Excursion
This term Bianca has once again been able to secure another whole school excursion to the NGV. The notice is attached to this newsletter. We would urge you to consent for your child to attend this activity as the excursion is a very valuable learning opportunity for the children of Newlands Primary.
Hennicke Family – The passing of Gerard
We would like to extend our thoughts and prayers to Janet & Grace for the sudden loss of Gerard. Until 2013 Grace attended Newlands Primary and Janet was a school councillor for several years. Gerard was also active at the school both in the PFA and Grounds committee. During Gerard’s time at Newlands he actively supported the school community at working bees and various grounds projects.
Ross Dudgeon – Principal

Student Leadership Team Fundraising

As they have in years past, our Student Leadership Team will be selling icy poles on Friday at lunchtime this term to raise money for programs they hope to run later in the year. The icy poles will cost 50 cents each.

Little Learners at Newlands!
Each Monday from 9.00 -10.30am
‘Little Learners at Newlands’ is a play based learning program for 0 – 5 year olds and their parents/ carers. Little Learners will be held on Monday mornings in the Aftercare Room from 9am – 10:30am during term time and will be facilitated by a teacher from our school. It will include stories, singing, music, art and craft activities and developmental play. This is a free program offered by our school to help support young families in our community so please spread the word!
The first session was this week and we had lots of big and little people come along and lots of fun!
Bianca Vecchio – Visual Art Specialist and “Little Learners at Newlands” facilitator

Little learners





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Parents & Friends Association
Next meeting: Thursday 26 February, 7.00pm in the Aftercare Room

Everyone is welcome to come along and chat about fundraising and what parents and friends can do to contribute to the school.
We’d love to see you there.
Adam Palmer – Chairperson

Garden Group
The NPS Garden Group are having a dinner and discussion evening at Heidi’s house on Friday February 27, starting at 7.00pm.
We will be planning for maintenance and possible new projects in the gardens over the course of 2015.
If you are interested in being involved in any way please come along with a plate of food to share. Make contact with Mel Alexander for more details: 0404 043 010.

Thank you to Chris Kelly (Violet & Betsy’s Dad) for repairing the picnic tables outside the junior school classrooms. Chris sourced all the materials and installed seven new slats of wood on the tables and chairs.
Thanks for seeing a need and filling a need, Chris

Craft – Stained glass windows
Quiet indoor activities
Free outdoor play

Science – Oobleck experiment
Other indoor activities
Free outdoor play

Craft – Stained glass windows
Quiet indoor activities
Free outdoor play

Movie – Despicable Me
Outdoor picnic
Quiet indoor activities
Free outdoor play


Active – Obstacle races / hula hoop races
Quiet indoor activities
Free outdoor play

Term Overview:
Craft – This term students will be able to participate in both long-term projects and weekly activities. They include jewellery making, sewing, recycled material activities, papier-mâché, hama beads, painting and many more. The activities will continue over into next term.

Science – At after school care we will be trialling a variety of science experiments. This week we begin with ‘Oobleck’, and then students will contribute ideas for following experiments. We will be using the book 365 Awesome Science Experiments to assist us.

Movie – Each week students have a chance to wind down, watch a movie and enjoy some popcorn.

Active – All students will be encouraged to participate in a variety of outdoor activities. These will range from organised games, to scavenger hunts, and obstacle courses.

Have you seen our new room?
Please feel free to come by and check out the new ASC room (next to the Art room) and our new front display, which will keep you up to date with all of the activities we have been doing.
Richelle and Michael

Phillip Edwards

PhillHello to all the parents at Newlands Primary school. My name is Phillip Edwards and I am the father of the tall Oscar in grade 6 and the energetic Adam in grade 4. I am currently on the school council serving as the school council secretary.
I am an ex-teacher with 16 year experience at a high school level so I bring an educational background and rational to the Newlands Primary school council. As of 2014 I have been self-employed running property maintenance business. As a practicing artist, I still do commission sculpture works when they are available.
I’m running for a second term as I’m excited as to the renewal of the school. I am expectant see how the changes Ross and the staff are undertaking will enhance the school. I wish to serve on the council again to assist in the continued work and growth of Newlands Primary school.

Kristalo Hrysicos
KristaloMy name is Kristalo Hrysicos and I’ve been a member of School Council since 2012.
My daughter, Eleni, started at Newlands in 2011 and I was inspired to become involved with the school after noting how welcoming and attentive an environment Newlands offered, along with a commitment that quality public education is something every child should have.
Newlands encourages a whole school community ethos by encouraging parents to become involved. As a teacher myself, I appreciate just how significant such an aspect of a school community this is.
In 2012 I was also Secretary of the PFA and have been an active member since then. To note, the PFA organised and paid for Wurundjeri Elder, Bill Nicholson, to conduct an official flag raising ceremony, a project I was passionately involved in.
I have loved contributing to our great school develop and would value the opportunity to continue in this manner.

Michael Henning (Pikkle)
PikkleI am the father of Louis Henning in grade 1. I come from a long line of school councillors.
I would like to join the school council in order to make a meaningful contribution to the school and its community. I have experience in: running my own business, researching all manner of things, developing systems and teaching.
As part of my Bachelor of Arts degree I wrote a thesis on education policy and evidence-based policy development. I am currently studying for a Masters in mechanical engineering – which may or may not be directly relevant but is bound to come in handy.

Fiona Villella
FionaHi, I’m Alexander (grade 3) and Gabriel’s (Foundation) mum.
I’m also a part-time high school English teacher. I’m passionate about the role of education in a child’s life, in particular, its role in allowing each child to become proficient readers, writers and thinkers.
Education is also about providing children with opportunities in physical education, artistic expression, public speaking and, of course, socialisation. Given its size, Newlands PS does an impressive job at providing these many different experiences. The diverse skills, knowledge and, of course, enthusiasm of the staff enable this. The school’s new language focus is wonderful for so many reasons one of which is its opening up of cultural awareness among the kids. Up to now, my involvement in the school has been via classroom help, fundraising, and grant-writing.
I’m now keen to become involved at another level, assisting the school to remain a place of quality teaching and learning.

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