Newsletter 16/04/2015

Dates To Remember – Term 2
Tue 21 Gymnastics begins – week 2 of 8
Thu 23 ANZAC Activities Day
Fri 24 ANZAC Day Commemoration / 5/6 Jumpstart project week 1of 9
Tue 28 Gymnastics begins – week 3 of 8
Fri 1 School Assembly No Performance / 5/6 Jumpstart week 2 of 9
Tue 5 Gymnastics begins – week 4 of 8
Fri 8 School Assembly No Performance / 5/6 Jumpstart week 3 of 9
Tue 12 NAPLAN Years 3 & 5 Only / Gymnastics begins – week 5 of 8
Wed 13 NAPLAN Years 3 & 5 Only
Thu 14 NAPLAN Years 3 & 5 Only
Fri 15 School Assembly Performance Yr 1/2 / 5/6 Jumpstart week 4 of 9
Sun 17 Education Week 17/5 – 23/5
Tue 19 Gymnastics begins – week 6 of 8
Fri 22 School Assembly No Performance / 5/6 Jumpstart week 5 of 9
Tue 26 Gymnastics begins – week 7 of 8
Fri 29 School Assembly Performance Yr 5/6 / 5/6 Jumpstart week 6 of 9
Tue 2 Gymnastics begins – week 8 of 8
Fri 5 School Assembly No Performance / 5/6 Jumpstart week 7 of 9
Mon 8 Public holiday – No School
Fri 12 School Assembly Performance Yr 3/4 / 5/6 Jumpstart week 8 of 9
Fri 19 School Assembly Performance Yr Prep / 5/6 Jumpstart week 9 of 9
Last Updated: 15/04/2015

From the Principal 
Welcome Back
Isn’t it great to be back at school! The holiday weather was fantastic. I hope everyone had a great break with family and friends.
Footy is back . . . ah, some of us are smiling (Go Bombers) and some of us are shell shocked (Meow meow).
As can be seen from the ladder of dates opposite it’s a pretty action packed term.

ANZAC Activities
To commemorate the one hundred years since Gallipoli Newlands student and teachers will be engaging in a variety of activities relevant to this important commemoration. The activities fit within AusVELS Humanities – History and Geography.
Please make yourself familiar with the information in this newsletter outlining the two day program. At this point I would like to acknowledge Sonya’s efforts and respectfulness coordinating such an important learning experience for all the children at Newlands Primary.

Jumpstart Project Grade 5/6 only
Westside Circus will partner with Moreland Youth Services and Newlands Primary School to work with young people in Grades 5 & 6. The engaging workshops will utilise the positive self-development elements of circus to build emotional and physical confidence, social resilience and assist them to develop positive relationships with peers and family.
In general the program will encourage group work, positive risk-taking and meeting new challenges & goals for both the group and the individual. It will assist in developing social and emotional literacy skills such as self-confidence, self-expression, trust, responsibility and inclusiveness. The program will provide a physical challenge in a range of circus skills that develop strength, coordination, balance, flexibility and improved mobility.

This term we will be conducting the NAPLAN assessments; again. This is a national assessment in literacy and numeracy and therefore something we would encourage students to complete. While NAPLAN is important, it is only one small element of a very comprehensive assessment process conducted by our teachers at Newlands Primary School. As in years past we will be conducting the assessments in a low-key way so that students can feel comfortable and confident about their abilities.


Education Week
Sunday 17th May kicks-off Education Week for government schools in Victoria. Newlands will be trying something a little different this year. We will be inviting parents and prospective 2016 prep parents to visit the school and watch our programs in action; art, gymnastics, Spanish, music, dance & drama. We feel it is important to showcase these fantastic programs to our school community and the wider community at large.
We will be still hosting parent tours during the week, but they will be more connected to the school’s activities. We will provide greater detail in the coming newsletters.
Ross Dudgeon – Principal

Gallipoli 2015 – 100 Year ANZAC commemorations
Newlands Primary School Commemoration
On Thursday 23rd April 2015 we will be having a day of activities to commemorate the events of 100 years ago in a respectful and age appropriate manner for the students at Newlands
Students are asked to dress for the day as if they were coming to school 100 years ago.
Will will be exploring what school was like, what food they ate, games they played and what they learnt. We will also be listening to stories about what it was like to have a loved one involved in WW1 and making commemorative poppies. The students in Grade 5/6 will be organising and running the multi-aged group activities on the day.
A Commemoration Service and planting of Gallipoli Oak Tree for the school and local community will be held on Friday 24th April at 9am in the school quadrangle.
As part of its commitment to celebrate and preserve our environmental heritage, the National Trust of Australia (Vic) has identified the Gallipoli oak tree (Quercus coccifera subs. clarions) as “a symbolic link between the Centenary of ANZAC, the people of Turkey and the primary school children of Victoria”. The Gallipoli Oak “grandparent” trees were grown from acorns originally sent to Australia by soldiers fighting at Gallipoli in World War 1. We will be planting our own Gallipoli Oak during the commemoration service.

Gymnastics Program
School Gymnastics provide a specialist in-school gymnastics program that caters to each year level and includes all equipment and experienced coaches. We feel this is a great opportunity for our students as gymnastics is rarely available. Gymnastic is an element of the AusVELS, Physical Education curriculum and will be running as our weekly P.E session.
School Gymnastics is committed to providing an opportunity for all students to participate in our exhilarating gymnastics program.  Fulfilling the gymnastics outcomes of the PDHPE curriculum, School Gymnastics is Australia’s leading provider of in-school gymnastics programs, with a reputation for outstanding quality and most importantly – fun!
The programs will steadily progress from week to week to teach students specific gymnastics skills whilst developing overall fitness, core strength, flexibility, and enhancing spatial awareness. School Gymnastic programs are delivered by experienced gymnastics coaches using the very best equipment available. All programs are taught from written lesson plans that have been developed from over 10 years of working within primary schools.
Our first week of gymnastics was very exciting! And thoroughly enjoyed by all students and teachers who attended. Students were involved in learning gymnastic positions, skills and tricks and used equipment such as the foam wedges, mini trampoline, crash mat, parallel bars and more! We are all very excited about the upcoming weeks and the new skills we will learn! 🙂
Mulynda Blease

Moreland Relay for Life
A big thank you to the students from the Face Paint by Newlands PS team who attended the Moreland Relay for Life over the holidays to help raise funds for the Cancer Council.  Our students raised an additional $74.00 by painting people’s faces at this recent event.
Thank you also to the many families who came down to the Coburg City Oval to support our facepainting team on that day.  At the opening ceremony our school was awarded a trophy for our contribution to this event and Layla, one of our school Captains, accepted the award on behalf of the school community.
Bianca Vecchio


From The Library – Library Book Amnesty
The library is now open for borrowing books and browsing at lunchtimes on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. The first library opening day last Monday had a big crowd of kids in, borrowing and reading. At one stage the queue for borrowing books went right out the door and into the hall, so there is great enthusiasm for reading in the school.
Something we have discovered is that many books are still out on loan from last term or even previous years. We would like to ask parents and students to look at their bookshelves to see whether they have library books to return. We will not be imposing any library fines for these returns!
Two books can currently be borrowed at a time for one week, but we are going to extend the loan period to two weeks, to allow for the reading of longer chapter books. We ask that if you have any outstanding library books please drop them into the library on the returns table just inside the door
Thanks, The Library Committee

CASEA Program Updates
Week 1
This week sees the beginning of the CASEA Program for a selected group of children in Grades Prep to Three. The eight week program, run by staff from The Royal Children’s Hospital in conjunction with Jade and Sarah and Sonya and Caitlin aims to help these children learn important skills for managing their emotions and behaviour.
During Week One the group focuses on “Getting to Know Others”, creating rules and appropriate consequences, and helping understand their strengths and differences. All children in Grades Prep to Three will participate in classroom activities where they “get to know” others and develop an understanding of each others’ strengths.
Congratulations to those children selected to participate in the group this term!!

Week 2
During Week Two of the CASEA Program the focus of the group is on Feelings. Children will discuss how they identify and express their own feelings, and talk about how to recognise how others are feeling. In particular the importance of recognising feelings by looking at facial expressions and body language, and listening to a person’s tone of voice, will be discussed. The session also focuses on Strong Emotions. The aim is to assist children in understanding that some emotions are more intense than others. They will learn to identify how to recognise their body’s “warning signs” so they can identify when they are becoming angry.
All children in Grade Prep to Three will participate in activities that focus on identifying and recognising feelings.
Next week: Managing Strong Emotions

Walking School Bus
Some folk from the top end of Elizabeth St have started a walking school bus meeting on the corner of Elizabeth and Livingstone St’s at 8.30am.
We are walking down to school with two adults and a tribe of children every morning.
If anyone would like to join in speak to Marita, Lou or Mel A.

Parents & Friends Association
Hi everyone,
Welcome back to Term 2 – hoping everyone has had a well earned rest. The new PFA team (see below) would like to remind everyone that our next meeting is to be held on Thursday April 30 from 7.15pm.
The PFA is instrumental in driving a lot of the fundraising for our school. It’s a great way to get to know other parents and also to become more closely involved with school activities.
We would love to see some new faces.
Hope to see you there,
Kristalo Hrysicos and Marita Wallace – Co-presidents
Robert Larocca – Secretary
Adam Palmer – Treasurer

Easter Hamper Raffle
Thanks to everyone who bought raffle tickets, and congratulations to our lucky winners! The raffle raised approximately $500 for the school – a great kick off to our fundraising year!

Towards the end of last term the Parents & Friends Association held an AGM to elect new officebearers. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Adam Palmer, Alex Catramardos and Dave Cresswell for all their work over the last year. The PFA continues to go from strength to strength, in large part due to your leadership.
Thank you also to our new officebearers Kristalo, Marita, Robert & Adam, for your willingness to take on these roles and contribute so actively to the success of our little school.

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