Parents and Friends Association

The PFA exists to work in co-operation with the school council and staff to support the school through activities such as fund-raising, working bees, community building and promotion of the school to the wider community. The PFA encourage positive suggestions to improve school practices and policies.

In early 2012, the Parents & Friends Association was established to provide a place to come together and contribute to the school community.

In partnership with the School Council, the Parents & Friends Association organises social, educational and fundraising activities.

Meetings are held at least twice each term, both in the evenings and during the day. They are advertised in the newsletter, on the calendar on this website, and on the school noticeboard. Everyone is welcome to attend meetings, and also encouraged to become a formal member of the association by filling in a form at the office and paying $1.

You can get updates about PFA activities by subscribing at this link.

The Parents & Friends Association has two standing working groups – the Grants Working Group, and the Fundraising Working Group.

Grants Working Group
The Grants Working Group works with parents and teachers to identify and apply for appropriate grant opportunities. In 2012 the Grants Working Group and our Art Teacher, Bianca Vecchio, successfully applied for a grant to develop mosaics as a permanent legacy of this year’s senior students.

Fundraising Working Group
The Fundraising Working Group coordinates fundraising activities at the school to support the school’s Funding Strategy. It plans and executes events, and also assists other members of the school community who would like to run fundraising events. For more information about the Fundraising Working Group, please contact Melanie McGrath.

Everyone is very welcome to get involved with these groups no matter what your experience or time availability.


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