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Research has shown that the dynamic integration of ICT in the classroom and at home can have a positive effect on student engagement and learning outcomes. At Newlands Primary we want our students to have access to the opportunities presented by ICT and, in doing so, prepare them to confidently and productively use the technologies that have become an integral part of life in the 21st century.

Currently every student in Grade 1 to 6 has access to a personalised iPad in the classroom. Students use the same iPad every day and build up a portfolio of work on that device. Students who have brought in a family iPad from home, or who have entered a leasing arrangement with the school are also able to take the devices home for homework and personal use.

Since the 1:1 iPad program was introduced, the learning journey for each child has progressed to a new and exciting level. The 1:1 iPad has proven to be an essential learning tool, encouraging the development of self-motivated, empowered learners. They have enabled our students to think outside of the box and more importantly use their own initiative, fostering higher order thinking and shaping their own learning experience. This technology has become an integral part of our curriculum and has resulted in teaching becoming more interactive and individualised. Some examples of the advantages we have witnessed to date include:

  • Children are able to verbally record their mathematical ideas, giving less literal learners the ability to continue to develop mathematically without being constrained by writing ability.
  • Children use Pages as a word processor to record data, including bar charts, from mathematical investigations.
  • iMovies have allowed children to do verbal book reviews, interviews and other drama based activities to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of a text.
  • Book creator has given children the opportunity to create their own book and publish it in iBooks.
  • Children have created animations of dreamtime stories in small groups.
  • The iPad allowed for individual children to create their own research based passion project, where they researched, interpreted information from web searches, creating their own virtual presentation.
  • A homework based inquiry project is currently taking place where children are able to work from Edmodo, research, take notes and feedback via this educational platform.

Having the iPads as a learning tool has increased outcomes far beyond expectations because students are able to access learning at the touch of a button and have a purpose for creating something exciting.

Follow these links for some examples of how Grade 3/4 have incorporated the iPads into classroom learning:
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Resources for parentsclick here to read suggestions and advice from educators and other parents.

Program documents and detailsclick here to access documentation for the Newlands 1:1 iPad Program. Please be aware that our program and policies are a work in progress and may be affected by new technological developments and educational approaches. Although we endeavour to keep the information on this site up to date, it is subject to change.

Information and communication technology and educationclick here to find out more about the research and what is going on in Victorian schools and around the world.

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