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The primary goal of the take-home aspect of the 1:1 iPad Program is to extend collaboration between home and school. This isn’t only about learning outcomes, it is also about supporting one another as we negotiate the unique parenting challenges of the information age.

This page will be a repository of information for families about different ways to manage information and communication technology in the home. Not all the suggestions here will be appropriate to all families as circumstances and parenting approaches differ – but hopefully you will find something that is useful to you.

Please also share your tips or suggestions in the comments box below. How do you manage ‘screen time’? Where do you keep the iPad at home? What access does your child have to the iPad? What do they use the iPad for? How do you manage getting the iPad to school and back? How do you manage passwords and internet access?

Tips for families from the iPads for Education Victorian Government site:

  1. You don’t need good computer skills to help your child learn to use their iPad. Your interest and encouragement are more important than computer literacy.
  2. Encourage your child to keep their iPad in its protective case. Don’t put heavy books on top of the iPad when it is in the schoolbag or on a desk.
  3. If you have an iTunes account at home, parents should keep control of the password required to download any other free or purchased applications.
  4. Remind your child to recharge their iPad overnight to ensure it is ready for each school day.
  5. Supervise use at home by ensuring iPads are used in family areas rather than bedrooms.
  6. Consider setting screen time limits to avoid overuse.

Talk to your school if any issues arise.

Netbook and iPad Safe Usage Guidelines – DEECD

Parental controls for the iPad


Screen time
“We do not allow our children to have any screen time during the week. We found it was just too hard to get them to do anything else with the temptation of TV and devices, so we cut it out completely. To our surprise there wasn’t even a complaint. The iPad or computer can be used specifically for homework during the week, but that’s all. On the weekends they can have screen time – but only one screen at a time. If they are playing games on the iPad the TV can’t be on, etc.”

“Our children are only allowed to use the iPad with our express permission. At night when they get home it goes on a charger in the kitchen and it stays there unless they have permission to take it off. The iPad can only be used in the family room, never in the bedroom or other private spaces.”

“We have not given our children any of the passwords for the iTunes account. We do not want them to have the ability to independently download content. The other thing is that, because the school iPad is also linked to my own iTunes account, anything I download on iTunes automatically loads to their iPad as well – and vice versa. If anything unauthorised is downloaded I know about it.”

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